3 Best Ab Wheel Reviews 2018

If you are a fan of 6 packs and really want to have them, you have got to have a strong commitment for it. One of them is to have the best ab wheel beside you. Of course, training your ab with it often is the way to have that. For here, we have had three best ab wheel reviews for your check. These ab wheels are designed great for your workout, and they are extremely affordable. Many have bought them and liked them so much. You can have a look at the designs below.

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

People may come to a quick conclusion with underestimate that this little wheel is a conventional less useful wheel that will do nothing to their body. However, we cannot solely lay blame on them because they are not well aware of it. Therefore, today we would like to introduce this Ab wheel by Perfect Fitness that you will be astounding after learning about its benefits. Comparing to many fitness machines, this Ab wheel that people believe is a piece of solid crap can help tone muscle and build up your body from head to toe. Such favorable result, in fact, comes from the good combination of its features that will be elaborated below.

1Key Features:

First to start with, Ab wheel by Perfect Fitness is manufactured with carbon steel spring turbo and perfect resistance for rolling in and out. With this reason, it will effectively improve either your upper and abdominal body. Its grip is specially designed like two curved horns providing non-slip griping. In addition to that it is made of comfy rubber that allows users to do their work out longer without leaving any pain on their palm. Above and beyond, one last feature that makes this ab wheel the most outstanding one is its ultra wide wheel that no other Ab wheels have. This large wheel is not designed for the purpose of elegant or eye-catching, but it is the main actor to make your workout goes smooth as it will perfectly stabilize, and balance and enhance movements.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many beginners are very impressed by its guide hints attached with this ab wheel. They claimed that it is very detail for them as beginners and they can easily follow it and get better result. In addition, they added that the ab wheel has premium quality due to its resistance. They can move it left or right, or to other direction with ease and without worrying anything. Many other customers particularly bigger customers love its ultra wide wheel saying they can easily balance their body.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

Less than 10 percent of customers encountered bad experience with this ab wheel due to few reasons. First to mention about is clicking sound. Few customers claimed that its inner spring product sound, yet the rest customers have never experienced such thing. Another point that some customers dissatisfy is its spring. They claimed that it is a low quality one and got broken after few weeks.

2. The Ab Wheel Roller Pro

Today, people seem to keenly aware of their health and their bodies that are prone to chemical used in daily food and drink. With this reason exercise is the best way they can think of to emit those chemical substance while give them a fit body. People mostly adolescence seem to have more concerns than others. Aside from health and fit body, they are also worried about their style. If you choose Ab wheel as your fitness tool and planning to bring it to gym, Elite Sportz Equipment is highly recommended because it will offer you everything you want including elegance design like its name.

Key Features:


If you are worried about its price after learning its company’s name, you are over thinking now. The Ab wheel roller pro by Elite Sportz Equipment is designed to make you comfort, healthy and stylist, and at the same time offers you minimum cost rate comparing to other Ab wheels. It is designed with two rolling wheels to maintain your stability and provide you safety. Its ergonomic handles are embedded to offer ultimate comfort and firm grip. With its perfect resistance, this ab wheel is suitable to charge up your arm, shoulder, and abdominal part. You will see its result just after few weeks and you might not believe you are up to that stage. Lastly, you should not be worried if you are a beginner as you will find instruction video attached with to help you out with your exercise and accelerate your body built-up.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

No matter there are many ab wheel on market today, Ab wheel roller pro by Elite Sportz Equipment is always the leading and gets the most positive review. In average, more than 95% of its customers have acknowledged its good quality. One of many to mention is that its dual wheels provide superior quality and sturdiness. Customers said that they are a bit big but they can do exercise with ease and they have used this wheel for almost a year and there is nothing wrong with it.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

However, there are few customers do not really satisfy with this ab wheels. They claimed that it is light as it is made of plastic material. They continued that they are quite worried as the wheel might not endure their weight for longer period. In addition to that, few other customers claimed that it is a bit expensive.

3. Fitnessery Get Abs and Lose Weight – Ab Roller

If you really dream of having a good fit body or toned muscle, you are better spend your little time reading this Ab wheel by Fitnessery. I am convinced you would not regret reading it. In case you are an athlete who have experienced with many Ab wheel, you must obviously see its special features just by its look. It is designed not only to help you get body you have dreamed of, but its features are accelerators speeding your workout and bringing your dream close to you. What are you hesitating about? It is already a well-known and one of the most market demand product.

best ab wheelKey Features:

Its compact size and lightweight make this ab wheel special for workout lover as they can carry it along with their trip easily. Featured with single and non-slip rubber wheel, this ab wheel is safe for any circumstance. You can move it upward, backward or to other direction effortlessly. What is more special about its wheel is that it works on many type of surface including on carpet. Its premium ultra long handle grips are featured with soft foam to offer you ultimate comfort. Therefore, you can maximize your training and get your body dream faster than training with other ab wheel. Lastly, you will find an elegant knee pad that you will be impressed by its quality. It is soft and durable, and therefore provides you long lasting comfortable workout.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers have never forgotten to mention its legendary sturdiness. A customer wrote review with picture evidence that he has lost about 20 pounds in 1 month. He added that he was impressed by its sturdiness as it can handle his weight. So far, he has never experience any crack or broken. In addition to that some other customers claimed that its knee pad is awesome since they can protect their knee when they want to do longer workout.

What That Isn’t Great about This Item:

It is quite hard to find customers who dissatisfied with this ab wheel. Only a couple of review could be found. 2 or 3 customers claimed that it is imbalance and they cannot do workout with this ab wheel.